STREETH is an early-backed project founded by blockchain experts and fintech investors Marco Calamassi and Danilo De Rosa. STREETH is conceived to project Street Art into the future era of the Internet of Things.



Street Art is the most popular and renowned Art niche within the global $70,000,000,000 art market and yet, given its scale and “public” nature, is the only one that has never been Monetized, Traded, Collected and privately Enjoyed.

It also has a perishable nature and finite life cycle (weather, vandalism, zoning and other threats).

At STREETH, we curate, mint and auction world’s most renowned artists’ Street Artworks and let collectors own, trade, store and enjoy them. All through the Blockchain technology.


Streeth Uses

STREETH is an NFT centered infrastructure and ecosystem designed to change the following shortcomings:

STREETH brings the NFT technology to a new, real and tangible level of utility.

We believe that Street Art is the best art medium for the NFT market and its application due to its specific positioning: rebel, independent, decentralized, undocumented and against the status quo.

Humanity has created Street Art since its origin but it has been unable to trade it, collect it, enjoy it and ven display it in museums. Till now.

Our vision is to change that and evolve completely how we relate to Street Art.



Imagine being able to bid, win and own that massive and unique mural by world acclaimed artist Retna, located on a building in Miami, from the comfort of your home, wherever you are.

You will be able to visit the site of the Street Art piece you own, pull out your phone, scan our QR Code placed on the art and be prompted to the STREETH app dashboard and show your friends, spouse or people around that you are the sole and legitimate owner of that unique piece of art.

Becoming the legitimate owner of a fully authenticated, 1:1, massive, physical masterpiece by world famous artists is now possible. Even if one day the art piece will vanish or be vandalized, you will be the sole owner of its NFT version, in perpetuity. Fully endorsed, signed and authorized by the artist. You’ll pass it to your children unless you decide to trade or resell it on our platform.

Each Street Art piece that you own will be minted and registered on the Ethereum blockchain with Proof Of Ownership and Artist Authentication certificates. You will be able to see it inside your STREETH’s VAULT where all your art is stored. The art piece will also be publicly visible on the STREETH’s MAP page where all art pieces are displayed on a massive map of the planet. Anybody who clicks on that art’s pin will be shown its owner and its full etherscan ownership transaction.

Collectors will also be offered the opportunity to lend their collected art pieces to STREETH’s MUSEUM, a foundation built on the metaverse and accessed through full-experience VR visors. Visitors will be able to admire privately owned Street Art pieces offered by collectors. Collectors will be rewarded in BRICKS, our secondary token that can be farmed through STREETH tokens staking or, as just mentioned, through lending owned creations to the MUSEUM.


Streeth Process

Famous artists sign an exclusive rights of sale contract with STREETH

Art drop is announced and its auction scheduled.

Art auction starts with a predetermined starting price, reserve price and end date.

Art auction ends and art is sold to the highest bidder (if reserve is met).

Art is minted and transaction is registered on the blockchain, ownership is transferred.

Art piece is stored into the buyer's VAULT on the STREETH App.

Art piece is displayed on the MAP with full details.

Art can be kept into the collector's personal VAULT, re-listed into the MARKET or lent to the MUSEUM.


Future Uses & Outlook

We expect world Museums to be using our ecosystem to protect world heritage artworks like Da Vinci or Caravaggio from future deterioration.

We expect art collectors to purchase world renowned street artist creations (exclusive to STREETH) from our marketplace.

We expect street artists to finally monetize their Street Artworks on our platform.

We expect STREETH token holders to play an active role in our community, stake tokens to farm our limited-edition token BRICKS, for the decades to come.

The ability to own unique Street Artworks, which can be acquired and traded on chain, is a game-changer that promises to shake up the hottest sector in the Art space: Street Art.




The Market

Street Art

The art market is worth a reported $70,000,000,000. Street Artists are said to account for a major portion of it. Artists such as Shepard Fairey (Obey), Banksy, Retna, Kaws, Mr Brainwash and Basquiat (started as a graffiti artist) have beautified cities around the world with their Street Art masterworks. Such artists have reached all-time-high art valuations in the past decade.

Here some worth mentioning:

1 Banksy - March 2021 - “Game Changer” sold for $23,300,000

2 Kaws - April 2019 - “The KAWS Album” sold for $14,900,000

3 Basquiat - May 2017 - “Untitled” sold for $110,500,000

Art NFTs

Crypto-art fans have been voraciously buying NFTs over the past few years but there is no doubt that the market has exploded in late 2020 - early 2021.

In January and February 2021 alone, there were $300 million in NFT sales. OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, had monthly sales of just $1.5 million in early 2020—that figure now jumped to $8 million in January 2021 and an astonishing $86.3 million in February 2021. Several NFTs have reached 7 and 8 figure valuations.

Here some worth mentioning

1 Beeple - March 2021 - "Everydays: The First 5000 Days" sold for $69,300,000

2 Grimes - March 2021 - “WarNymph Collection Vol.1” sold for $5,800,000

3 Mad Dog Jones - February 2021 - “Crash + Burn” sold for $3,900,000



STREETH and its token act as a guarantee in the marketplace that the Street Art piece has been officially endorsed, authorized and given permission to be sold by its original creator. STREETH guarantees that the art piece is original, authenticated and it's a 1:1 edition (street art creations are unique pieces by nature, they are sold once and in a single edition only...then the collector can resell it at any time on our marketplace). The STREETH QR code acts as the authenticity certificate.



July 2021
Name and idea conceived Assets registered
August 2021
Founder's funding Branding development Whitepaper Full stack dev hired
September 2021
Company website development start Roadmap definition Blockchain team hired Company incorporation Advisors consultations
October 2021
Trademarks filed Token & contracts development start Artists consultations
November 2021
Company website beta completed Artist exclusive Rights of Sale signed Communities soft launch (organic) Soft press campaign (organic)
December 2021
Company website completed Token & contracts development starts Full press campaign Artists exclusive Rights of Sale signed Seed round completed
January 2022
Marketplace development starts Token & contracts development completed Communities full launch International press campaign Communities growth campaigns Private round completed IDO scheduled
February 2022
Contract audited First Street Art NFT auction announced Museum VR official teaser release Vault & Museum development starts Avatars Collection announced
March 2022
IDO on key launchpads First Street Art NFTs minting Marketplace development completed First Street Art NFT auction Avatars Collection minted
Uniswap listing First Street Art NFT auction Cex exchange listing Spray2earn VR videogame Mobile App released on app stores Staking platform & BRICKS launched Metaverse Museum Vault development Streeth & Bricks wallet app LA & NY offices opening Dubai event Tokyo event CFO hired Lifestyle Streetwear Merch launch

Transaction Terms

On occasion of whole Street Art masterworks offered at auction on our marketplace, STREETH will disburse 80% of sale proceeds to the artist, 17.5% will be held as fees (of which 2.5% are payment fees) and 2.5% will be donated to humanitarian organizations and non-profit helping to fight poverty and inequalities.

On occasion of a fractionalized NFT offered for minting, a flat fee will be paid to the artist upfront (to be determined).



We are honored to have received early interest and commitment by renowned players in the Investment, Blockchain and Art space. We will be having a limited Seed Round of $900,000 followed by a $200,000 Private round. There will be an IDO on popular launchpads. To make STREETH as fair launched as possible, all Seed & Private allocated tokens will be vested.

Our backers are all visionaries of the blockchain and art space, with investment portfolios that demonstrate a long-term commitment to projects that form the backbone of this industry, planting the roots for the NFT ecosystem we’re building.


Token & Economics

STREETH ecosystem operates through its primary token (#STREETH) and its secondary token (#BRICKS).

STREETH is the native cryptographically-secure utility token of the STREETH ecosystem and is a transferable representation of attributed functions, designed to have a key role in the functioning of the ecosystem as a non-refundable functional token which will be used as the medium of exchange between ecosystem users.

BRICKS is a secondary (reward) token that will be generated through the staking of the primary STREETH token as an incentive to participate in the ecosystem. BRICKS will also be given as a reward to buyers (“the collectors”) who decide to lend their fully owned Street Art pieces to the MUSEUM. BRICKS will also be used as a Prize on occasion of contests, promo campaigns and lotteries.

BRICKS holders will be able to access exclusive benefits and advantages such as: free trades, discounts/credits, free collectibles.

STREETH will grant benefits such as: automatic whitelisting for NFTs minting, discounted fees on our marketplace, free unlimited entries to our VR Museum, free unlimited plays on our VR videogame.

Token Summary

Token name: STREETH

Token symbol: STREETH

Network: ETH (erc20)

1% is distributed to holders in STREETH

1% is distributed to the marketing wallet in ETH


The total supply of STREETH is 300,000,000, the max supply is 254,000,000 (after initial burn) and the circulating supply at launch will be 6,114,284 STREETH.


Seed round: $900,000

Private round: $350,000

Public sale: $250,000

= Hard cap: $1,500,000

Sales rounds (funded in USDC):

Dex listing
Token Price
% of Tokens
N. of Tokens
Fund Raised
Market Cap at Round
Tot. Valuation

Total supply: 300,000,000 STREETH

Max supply after burn: 254,000,000 STREETH

Circulating supply at launch: 6,114,284 STREETH (check vesting schedule below)

Market cap at launch: $458,571

Total diluted market cap at launch price: $19,050,000

Initial Uniswap Liquidity Pool: 1M STREETH / $75,000 in ETH / Listing price: $0.075

Allocations & Vesting:

% of Tokens
N of Tokens
Listing Unlock
Months to Full Release
Vesting Schedule
9 months unlock (10%)
9 months unlock (10%)
2 months unlock (35%)
6 months cliff - 4 months unlock (25%)
6 months cliff - 4 months unlock (25%)
6 months cliff - 4 months unlock (25%)
1 month cliff - 20 months unlock (5%)
25 months unlock (4%)
14 months unlock (6.90%)
1 month cliff - unlocked as needed - max 1,000,000 per month
5 months cliff - 18 months unlock (5%)
All burned
Seed 6.7%
Presale 3.3%
Team 4%
Founders 5%
Advisors 6%
Dev/ops 20%
Reserves 15%
Liquidiy 10%
Staking 10%
Ecosystem 4.9%
Burned 15.3%
Streeth Pie Chart Information

Use of sales proceeds ($1,250,000):

CEX Listings
Initial DEX Liquidity
Human resources
Additional Reserves
Dollar Value
$150k (75k in ETH)

Notices & Disclaimer

Nothing herein constitutes legal, financial, business or tax advice and you should consult your professional advisors. Neither STREETH CORP (“the company”), any of the project team members (“the team”), any distributor or vendor (“the distributor”) of STREETH/BRICKS tokens, nor any service provider shall be liable for any kind of direct or indirect damage or loss whatsoever which you may suffer in connection to accessing this whitepaper, the websites at www.streeth.io and www.streeth.app (“the websites”) or any other website, material and information published by the company.

The company is solely acting as a third party in relation to the STREETH token distribution and not in the capacity as a financial adviser or fiduciary of any person in regard to the distribution of STREETH tokens.

The whitepaper and the websites are intended for general informational purposes only and do not constitute a prospectus, an offer document, an offer of securities, a solicitation for investment or any offer to sell any product, service, item or asset. The information herein may not be exhaustive and doesn’t imply any element of a contractual relationship. Nothing in the whitepaper or the website constitutes any offer by “the company”, “the team”, “the distributor” to sell tokens nor shall it or any part of it form the basis of any contract or investment decision. Nothing contained in the whitepaper or the website is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to the future performance of the STREETH platform. The information set out is for community discussion only and is not legally binding.

By accessing the whitepaper and the website, you shall be deemed to represent and warrant “the company”, “the team”and “the distributor” as follows:

In any decision to acquire any STREETH token, you shall not rely on any statement set out, you shall ensure compliance with all laws, requirements and regulations at your own expense and you shall not expect any value or liquidity as the STREETH token is not an investment product nor is it intended for any speculative matter. None of the company, team or distributor parties will be responsible for or liable for the value, the transferability and/or liquidity of the token and/or the availability of any market. You acknowledge, understand and agree that you are not eligible to participate in the distribution of STREETH token if you are a citizen, national, resident, domiciliary and/or green card holder of a country where it’s likely that the distribution of the STREETH token would be constructed as the sale of a security, financial service or investment product and/or where participation in token distributions is prohibited by applicable laws, decree, regulation, treaty or administrative act (including without limitation the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China; and to this effect you agree to provide all such identity verification document when requested).

No regulatory authority has examined or approved any of the information set out in the whitepaper or the website. No such action or assurance has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction. You acknowledge and agree that there are numerous risks associated with acquiring, holding and using STREETH tokens. In the worst scenario, this could lead to the loss of all or part tokens held. If you decide to acquire STREETH tokens, you expressly acknowledge, accept and assume the following risks: uncertain, unclear and unsettled regulations in certain jurisdictions; partial disclosure of information as the project is in development; failure to partially or fully deliver as many variables and factors may arise: security weakness as malicious parties may interfere: other risks not yet conceivable. For all these reasons, you should conduct a full due diligence and proceed with full responsibility only.


About Us

The founding team consists of industry experts in the Fintech Startup, Venture Capital, Marketing and Social Media industries. The development team comprises market authorities in Full Stack Development, Blockchain Architecture and Graphic Design.